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About Us

Who we are?

Metro Machine Works Ltd. is located in the Foothills Industrial area in SE Calgary, Alberta. Our shop provides a variety of services including general machining, CNC, welding, line boring and mechanical services. We serve a wide variety of customers in various industries all over Alberta, B.C., and the United States of America.

We manufacture and repair construction equipment, oil field equipment etc., and provide all types of welding TIG, MIG, stick, aluminum, and cast.

We take pride in Quality Assurance during the repair and manufacturing process; several quality checks are performed, recorded, and completed with inspections. At Metro Machine Works Ltd. we’re committed to making safety our number one priority, as we take pride in creating a safe work environment.


Full service machine and manufacturing solutions, fabrication, mechanical rebuild, field services, and some assembly. We service various industries and can accommodate your requirements. Portable line boring, drilling and EDM sink type Personalized high quality welding services for fabrication, rebuilds, and turnkey solutions. MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and Stick welding.

We invest in growth and technology to maintain highest in the industry We manufacture and repair all types of equipment, and provide service in the following materials; Aluminum, steel, plastics, sheet metal and cast Typical products include but are not limited to rebuild and repair of; castings, gears, pumps, fittings, bodies, brackets, bonnets, venturi’s, and cylinders We have Journeymen Machinists and Welders with extensive experience in machining and heavy-duty repair. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, quality control, due-diligence and take pleasure in what we do.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide the technical knowledge through precision machining utilizing the latest CAD/CAM software and CNC machining where tolerance is not quality, but a standard. Allowing us to offer customers reliable, high quality products.

Our Vision

Metro Machine Works has the ability and multiple years of experience in the machining industry to provide quality precision parts. Our vision is to produce this standard and it's forms based through work ethic, and work/life balance that brings people to our company.

OUR Principals & Values

Based on the principal that Metro Machine Works Ltd. works with honesty, commitment, and Integrity; Our elements are created upon Quality Management and open communication.

Quality Management

Wherever possible, Quality Controls have been integrated into existing systems (environment, health and safety, etc.) and cross-referenced for ease of interpretation. The effective implementation of our Quality Management System is verified by regular reviews which compare our practice and performance against the requirements of our written procedures. We take corrective action wherever necessary to eliminate error, and we review the effectiveness of the actions we take.

Open Communication

We encourage open communication, and offer an open door policy between employees and customers across the board. Everyone is informed regarding all relevant product/service information, inquiries and requirement changes and amendments.

Honesty & Integrity

We determine the needs and expectations of all our customers - and fulfill them - in order to maintain and enhance customer satisfaction levels. When determining customer needs and expectations, due consideration is given to product, service, regulatory and legal requirements as well as each customer’s individual specification for their order.


All employees are responsible for complying with legal and regulatory requirements and are expected to share a commitment to continuous quality and improvement. Management ensures that its commitment is demonstrated by making available the necessary resources of leadership, equipment, premises and training within Metro Machine Works Ltd. principals.