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We specialize in personalized high quality welding services for fabrication, rebuilds, and turnkey solutions. MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and Stick welding. We invest in growth and technology to maintain highest in the industry

Metro Machine Works Ltd.​ manufactures and repairs construction equipment, oil field equipment and many other products including but are not limited to the rebuild and repair of; castings, gears, pumps, fittings, bodies, brackets, bonnets, venturi’s, and cylinders.

We offer all types of welding TIG, MIG, stick, aluminum, and casting projects. Unique as your thoughts or requests, we can provide the solution and finished product.

No matter the repair, regardless of industry, we have the staff to cover your accommodations and the quality you'd expect to receive.

All components undergone welding procedures by customer request, will undergo the process of thermal stress relieving. The act of stabilizing the molecular structure of weld deposits to reduce the HAZ (heat affected zone).